Maribeth Kuzmeski and Marie Swift Announce Interactive Media Training / Thought Leadership Experience

Tenured Financial Advisors are Invited to “Step into the Spotlight” at The Advisor Thought Leader Summit

July 31, 2018 [CHICAGO] –Long-time financial services marketing and PR consultants Maribeth Kuzmeski ( and Marie Swift ( are joining forces to bring the first-ever Advisor Thought Leader Summit to a select group of tenured financial professionals. The event – which is being billed as an interactive workshop and “media training on steroids” – will take place November 9 and 10, 2018, at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Gleacher Center(

“If you are ready to move beyond being quietly competent and credible to standing out as a celebrity of sorts with your clients and centers of influence, then you simply MUST join us for this 2-day experience,” said Swift. “If you have ever looked at a newspaper, magazine or broadcast segment featuring a competitor and said to yourself: ‘How is it that this person is getting all this great publicity instead of a professional like me?’ know that this highly-focused, power-packed summit could provide this missing piece.”

“There’s a formula for becoming a thought leader which includes being great in front of the camera – and we will not only provide you with that formula but help you create your own video and other important elements as we move through the Advisor Thought Leader Summit agenda,” said Kuzmeski.

The evolving agenda is available here:


“The first day of the summit is about helping advisors overcome their marketing paralysis, and articulate their value– which is, ultimately, the biggest thing that distinguishes them from their competitors,” said Kuzmeski. “The morning on day one will focus on communication skills – everything from the words the advisor uses, to the right attire, hair and makeup, to the power of passion, body language and camera skills.”

“We’ll be using an interactive workshop experience with set ‘stations’ manned by trained staff in the afternoon,” added Swift. “Our goal is to get the advisors engaged and actually DOING some of the work that needs to be done if they are to truly step into the spotlight. When they get home, they will have more than just new know-how – they will have worked on their unique value proposition, crafted a news release that talks about their participation at the Advisor Thought Leader Summit, taken a photo with the faculty (for use with the news release) and shoota short credibility video on the Red Carpet Stage with a television professional.”

“We’ll celebrate the conclusion of day one with drinks and a Wolf Gang Puck catered reception right at the Gleacher Center before getting a good night’s rest as we cast our vision toward day two,” Kuzmeski said.


“Day two is extra special,” said Swift. “Ten advisors will be prepared – through pre-event coaching and scripting with us – to record a Thought Leader Talk. This is our version of a TED Talk, where the advisor will, first and foremost, talk about why they do what they do. We’ll have a professional on site to help with hair and make-up, and set times for each presenter, who can use a PowerPoint, note cards, bullets on an iPad or a teleprompter, and our on site coaching to deliver the perfect speech to the audience of peers assembled. And, each video will be professionally edited within one week of the conference.”

“There is no extra charge to stay and watch,” added Kuzmeski. “While we hope everyone signing up for day one will also want to sign up for the additional Thought Leader Talk on day two, we realize not everyone is going to be ready for that right now. It does add to the price of participation – which is still an incredibly great value. But in reality, we can only fit 10 of these Thought Leader Talks into the time we have available on day two.”


In addition to learning from Kuzmeski and Swift, advisors will spend time learning from Angie Larsen who spent 14 years honing her on-camera skills as a news anchor for ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City, and talk show host on the Emmy Award-winning Good Things Utah.”

Also making a special guest appearance: award-winning author/journalist John Wasik, who will talk about creativity, innovation and building a thought leadership platform as an advisor today.

Stephen Wershing, CFP®, author of Stop Asking for Referrals: A Revolutionary New Strategy for Building a Financial Service Business that Sells Itself, will deliver in a QuickTake presentation the power of focus when it comes to niche marketing.

Making a virtual appearance will be long-time journalist and industry observer Bob Veres. Bob will deliver in a QuickTake presentation the process of becoming a thought leader and why it is so important.

Additional QuickTake presenters will be announced in August.

“One of the big benefits of being a part of The Advisor Thought Leader Summit is getting to spend time with and learn from these credibility experts,” Swift said. “A quick skim of the faculty page will show exactly how they ‘walk their talk.’These experts were hand-selected to serve as Advisor Thought Leader faculty not just because they know their stuff, but because they also live their brands and have created their own credibility platforms. You might even say they are celebrities in their own right.”

“Another big benefit of coming to The Advisor Thought Leader Summit is that you will be given industry visibility with other thought leaders through social media posts, photos, your special video interview(s) that you can place on your website, and the news release we’ll help you customize and syndicate online. You will enjoy an instant halo effect! As the old saying goes, ‘we are known by the company we keep’ and in today’s transparent, digital world, that saying is truer than ever before,” Kuzmeski adds.

“Rather than just picking some television has-been or political figure to come for a speech and provide some photo ops to the participants, these professionals will enhance your personal brand,” Swift asserts.

The evolving faculty page is available here:


“I’ve long dreamed of producing an event like this where advisors come together to learn not just from the experts but from their advisor-peers,” said Swift, “and where advisors not only learn but actually get some work done – instead of just going home with knowledge that typically fizzles and doesn’t really take root due to staff and client demands. When Maribeth and I got to talking about my thought leader summit idea in November 2017 while at another industry conference, we realized just how much better it would be if we did it together. So here we are – creating what we believe is a first-of-its-kind event together. Maribeth is a thought leader in her own right and I am so very pleased to be working with her on this special project.”

“When you get right down to it, The Advisor Thought Leader Summit is really more of an experience with a solid slate of deliverables than it is a traditional conference or workshop,” Kuzmeski adds. “You will leave with your clarified value, and many digital assets to spread the word!”


To save 20% off the Celebrity Platform Day, November 9, 2018, use code EARLYBIRD20. Early Bird registration ends October 1, 2018.

Other special savings may be available from the faculty; before registering, would-be participants should check with the individuals listed on the website to see what their special offer may be.

Just announced as an Early Bird incentive: Impact Communications will provide a personalized Media List for the registrant’s city’s media outlets to use as their own. This special bonus for Early Birds will help participants act on the advice they will be receiving at the event on how to share with the media their customized news release, photos, and videos that will be produced as a matter of course at the Advisor Thought Leader Summit in November.

ANOTHER incentive for Early Birds: Red Zone Marketing will provide a pre-conference phone call with each participant to provide guidance for clarifying their value proposition. This will give Early Bird attendees a head start on creating the best digital assets for their firm at the conference.

Registration is open now:


The Advisor Thought Leader Summit is being billed by the organizers, Marie Swift and Maribeth Kuzmeski, as “an experience you’ll never forget.” In order to create a more powerful, interactive experience, the Advisor Thought Leader Summit will be open to a small group of financial advisors, only. This exciting 2-day summit will provide much more than just learning, information and insights. Through individual and group coaching, participants will learn how to work with the mainstream media and position themselves as the go-to source when it comes to personal finance and investment strategy. They will learn how to improve their personal presence and presentation skills – including what to wear and how to be on camera – as well as how to communicate, verbally and in writing, in a more powerful and compelling way. Faculty will also talk about the benefits of writing a book or building a credibility platform based on a thought leadership blog, how to come up with content that inspires interaction, and much more.  Importantly, every participant will walk away with a suite of digital assets to use on their website, in email campaigns, and on social media.

To view the full list of deliverables and other pertinent information, visit:

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