What Real Fans of Your Business Will Do

Sometimes we do things in certain circumstances that we normally wouldn’t do…ever.  I’m a Green Bay Packer fan, born and raised in Wisconsin. You may have noticed that many Packer fans wear what is commonly referred to as a “cheesehead.” Now, WHAT would possess someone of seemingly normal intelligence to wear a bright yellow foam hat shaped like a wedge of cheese?

Some Packer fans wear these yellow foam hats in public…at a game surrounded by thousands of other people…and they even TRY to be on TV in front of millions more people! Again, I ask, what would make a person behave in this way? The reason behind this fanatic behavior is what I call the “Cheesehead Effect.”

The Cheesehead Effect occurs when the experience we are a part of causes us to do something we wouldn’t otherwise do.    

It is like, for instance, when your clients go out of their way to help you, refer business to you, or drop you a note of thanks; something they otherwise ordinarily would not do. Most people are thinking about themselves and their own lives, not you. But if you create a feeling, a unique experience, that touches others personally they just may do things beyond themselves. If they feel differently about you because of the way you treated them, the solutions you developed for them, the extra time you gave for their family, or the overall unexpected value you bring, they may do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do!

The Packer experience comes from generations of adoring fans who have backed this team through many years of losing in the same way they have supported them through many years of winning. Loyal fans do just that. People are there for the game, to see their beloved team win, and for the fun. They show up when the team has a losing record; they come merely for the connection with like-minded people, and the thrill of the thought of winning. Attending a game at Lambeau Field is truly an experience. And for that, some wear cheeseheads to show off their fandemonium. Something they wouldn’t normally do.

What do your fans do?

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