Rina Raman: Fortune 500 Technology Executive with 11 Patents – A role model for others

Meet Rina Raman: a technology executive with at least 11 patents granted in her name.

And in this episode, she’ll talk about her involvement in the technology field and discusses the influx of women into the STEM field and what should be done to encourage such growth.

Next, Rina tackles the best solution to encourage young women to be involved in powerful careers like hers.

As one of the few women in the STEM field, Rina explains how she handle the responsibilities of being a role model – not just to other people but to her children as well. She’ll talk about the major influences who made it easy for her to choose a career. Then, you’ll find out why she thinks moving from circuit design into a customer-facing role was the riskiest decision she had ever done.

Next, she’ll talk about the areas in her career that didn’t worked the way she expects them to be. What lessons can we learn from her experience working with technology startups?


In this episode, you’ll learn:

• How did she get involved in the STEM field and what made her decide that it’s the perfect career for her.
• What does it take to be in high-profile careers like those related to technology.
• The influence of media to career seekers.
• How to find opportunities in the middle of tough, challenging times.


• It’s important for the boys – young men – to recognize what their mothers are doing too.
• Sometimes when one door closes, we don’t know what’s going to happen on the other side.

Big Takeaways:

• Due to media influence, there’s an influx of women going into forensic pathology and related fields as compared to technology.
• Having a strong, career-driven women in their lives make men more open to accept diversity.

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