Lina George: Corporate HR Rockstar Knocking Down Barriers


Listen to this wonderful episode and be inspired on how Lina George, a successful Attorney in Human Resources took all the barriers in her life into a different perspective and made her way to success.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Learn how to adapt to a new environment, but still being true to yourself.
  • Learn a few simple steps to getting noticed at work.
  • Learn the keys to having a mentor important to your career and personal life.

Big take aways:

“If there are things that have come in my path that have caused me to stumble, I have either found ways to overcome them or work around or redirect my energy into something to make it more productive to pursue…”

“You own your career… Nobody cares more about your career than you.”

“You should be out there proactively finding mentors and these relationships as opposed to top-down.”


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