Ellen Rogin: Secrets to Giving and Getting a New York Times Bestseller


Listen to this inspiring episode as Ellen Rogin bravely recalls the dark days of feeling helpless in her situation, how giving produces exceptional outcomes, and how she reached the New York Times Bestseller list through an incredible network.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How mindset can help you get out of failure situation.
  • How to overcome the competence between Men and Women.
  • How to program your brain to start the opportunities to create your goals.


 “Giving- One of the best ways to grow a business should focus on how you want to serve and what you want to give…”

 “I made a decision and shifted my attention towards what I want to create vs. what I was afraid of.”

“Picturing things and visualizing them actually create real results.”

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Ellen’s Book: Picture Your Prosperity

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