Top Firms and the Hunt for the 1%

Massively successful firms seem to always be looking for that tweak in their firm that when fixed or changed, can actually make a significant difference in business. We call this the hunt for the 1%. In top firms that we work with, they are often doing so much right in their business operations, marketing and sales. In fact, you may say they are doing 99% of everything correct. And yet, you don’t see them settling; they continue to look for the 1% that could continue to drive their business to new heights.

Are you and your firm hunting for the 1%? Or are you settling without looking for new opportunities? I want to emphasize, it’s not about overhauling the 99%, but rather figuring out what that 1% consists of in order to bring new success to your business.

Try focusing your attention on possible improvements, review what is currently working, what isn’t working the way it used to, and what can be added. This will take a little time, and it can be a massive intellectual challenge, but it does pay off!

The hunt for the 1% ensures you don’t let your business go stagnant. The hunt will bring new opportunities your way that you would not find should you settle for the 99%. Let the hunt begin!

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