Your Prospects and Clients Will Believe What They Want to Believe

Sometimes people will just believe what they want to believe. And, what they believe is correct to them. So, is it possible for us to look at this as an opportunity in business? Personally, I think it is a huge opportunity!

Think about what people say and how their beliefs or pre-conceived notions supersede everything else. For instance, people will say:

“I go to McDonald’s because of the healthy choices”
“I read certain men’s magazines for the articles”
“Climate change isn’t (or is) real”
“This is the Cubs’ year!”
“My girlfriend would never cheat on me”
“I love living in Chicago in the winter”
“Sam’s investment process is the most comprehensive in the industry”

It doesn’t matter what the logic is or what your argument may be – people will believe what they want.

So, if people will believe what they want to believe about you and your firm, no matter how good or bad the news is, then what exactly is it that YOU want them to believe? Setting the stage for how you want to be perceived in advance of letting others come to their own conclusions may serve you well.

If you would like to work on your messaging and design the statements that describe you and your value, consider downloading our free Messaging Worksheet. This worksheet asks many questions to help bring clarity to describing your firm’s benefits – in an even more compelling way. Remember, your prospects and clients will believe what they want to believe, so get a head start on focusing their attention.

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