Add These Connection Points & Make Your Bio Stand Out

Your bio should provide the inspiration that a prospect needs to contact you. It should have an interesting narrative about you – not just a laundry list of what you do. People will feel a connection to you based on you sharing more than just a cold list of facts.

For example, tell people why you are in your business and your background story to create excellent connection points that are memorable. What is interesting about you? Share it!

Why do you need to worry so much about your bio? Because it is the one place people will absolutely view before they come in to see you for a first meeting. To improve your bio, think about using this formula that answers the following four critical questions.

  1. Why are you in this business? (Joan is driven to be the advocate and advisor that her mother never had…)
  2. What do you do for clients? (Bill specializes in serving corporate executives from companies like Abbott Labs…)
  3. What is your background and experience? (Previously worked at…. Graduated from … Recently awarded …)
  4. What do you like to do when not in the office? (Susan and her husband have two children, one rescue dog named Espy, and are regularly training for marathons… )

What is interesting about you? Probably a lot more than you may think. Give people a reason to remember you by giving them connection points. Connection points make for a great bio!

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