Are Your Believers Fighting For You?

People believe what they want to believe. Even if others feel they are being irrational or not considering available facts, their beliefs often hold strong. Just consider what is happening in politics these days. A simple statement of what one person believes can quickly turn into an argument.

Knowing this, we have to take a look at how we talk to prospective clients when we want them to work with us. Many can make the mistake of telling prospects why your firm is better than the firm they are currently working with, or why you have a better product. Doing this, you are potentially fighting a battle that the other person doesn’t want you to win. They chose to work with the other firm in good conscience. Often they will not admit to you that they made a mistake because you are the one who has questioned their sensibilities. To change what they believe, they may have to come to their own conclusion.

So what can you do?

Sometimes it’s a lot easier to communicate with people who are already on your side. And in business we can surround ourselves with those who are our advocates and good clients who may do the passionate believer work for us. If you focus your energy on your advocates, they will drive referrals of those who will be inclined to believe in your value, you will have a lot less frustration and more success. No one wants to fight a battle they won’t win. Find more believers!

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