Here’s WHY You Need to Be Asking Why

Why do we do things over and over without ever asking, “why?” For instance, when someone sneezes, I always say, “God bless you.” And when I make chili, I always put in 1 bay leaf and ¾ can of beer…but NEVER one full beer. But WHY?

Do you ever do things that you can’t explain?

“Why” is one of the most powerful words that leads us to deeper understanding.

Why are you in the business you are in?

Why do you work 10 hours a day?

Why are you a fan of your favorite sports team?

Why do you put 1 bay leaf and ¾ can of beer in your chili?

Asking why is how we find out critical information. It is likely you are asking your clients “why” every day. But you should be asking yourself the same. It can be very insightful and helpful for you to reflect on your own whys. If you haven’t already, watch the infamous TED talk by Simon Sinek where he share the importance of “why.”

Share your “why” in your bio. Tell it when talking to people about your business. Don’t just give the facts, give the reasons why. It will let people know the authentic you, which often makes you more likeable and relatable.  

PS: I do not believe there is any redeeming value in 1 bay leaf in a large pot of chili. But the “why” comes from watching my mother do the same thing. As for the beer – that’s just superstition.

PSS: Blessing someone who has sneezed is thought to save them from certain death and/or to protect them from sneezing out their spirit. So now you know.

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4 responses on “Here’s WHY You Need to Be Asking Why

  1. Kyle Ballard

    Hayakawa teaches (before he died) and I agree, that there are two peaks to all language. To get the most you must move your thought to those two peaks: 1) abstractions; 2) concretions. Then toggle back and forth depending. Every semester at Berkeley he would come over the bridge and conduct 3 evening sessions of his linguistics. I attended them all. All that was before he ran and won his Senate seat.

  2. kyle ballard

    And Oh yes about the why. That word is the other side of the word because differing only in the time zone. If you first say the word because. That will preempt any need to say why. That is because operates in the present time zone and yields the same information you would get in the word why. Now you see that the one word why is in the past time zone.

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