The Biggest Mistake in Marketing

The number one mistake in marketing is…

… NOT messaging yourself and your business properly. It’s not that you aren’t spending enough money on your marketing. Rather, it is often that you are not presenting yourself and the firm with words that attract and compel people to take action.

I hear from businesses all of the time complaining that their marketing isn’t working, no one engages on social media, the website bounce rate is high (people leave the home page without clicking on any other pages in the site), the phone doesn’t ring, it is difficult to get people to come to events, and referrals aren’t coming in like they once did to the firm.

So, are you ready to fix this marketing mistake? For solutions, ask yourself if you honestly believe the words you use to describe what you do. Ask yourself if you are using content that gets others to pay attention and take action. Have you explained what people will get when they work with you? Do you use short, memorable descriptions of your compelling benefits?

If you want to increase your marketing success, start first by focusing on your unique benefits using succinct and powerful words that mean something to those that will be reading. If you don’t know what is unique, start by asking your clients and advocates.

It is much easier to get people to take the action you want with great messaging!

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