Creating An Effective Marketing “Brochure” (Digitally)

A one page brand overview is an incredibly helpful marketing piece that will inform prospects, guide those who could refer you to effectively describe what you do, and will help those within your firm describe the firm consistently as well.

Creating a “Branding One Sheet” can be done quickly and easily. It is not meant to be a large format or trifold brochure with lots of words and detailed design. Just a simple, to the point, easily digestible, and memorable one page marketing piece.

Think of it as a simpler, more inexpensive, easily emailed, downloaded from your website or printed version of the old-school brochure. And it is a much more effective way of compelling people to learn more about your firm.

Quickly create this essential marketing piece using these 4 crucial sections for your “Branding One Sheet.”

  1. A headline that is the overview of what you really want people to know about your firm (ie. Investing Redefined)
  2. Your value proposition with a description of the services you provide and the outcomes you deliver. Describe what you do or what you have that is truly different (it may be you and your team).
  3. A statement of who you work best with – your ideal clients.
  4. A call to action to find out more by going to your website or social media sites.
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