Guest Blog: 5 Key Elements to Attract Female Investors

By Annette Bau, CFP

Affluent Woman InvestorAs the female sector continues to grow their market share of wealth, more advisors want to attract this rich niche of female investors. 

Recently, a male advisor shared he was doing everything in his power to attract more affluent women but was not achieving his desired results.

In my review of his situation, I identified 5 key elements that turned his results around and can do the same for you!

Step #1- Identify Your Ideal Client
The first step is determining which of the five affluent women groups you want to serve.  While this advisor wanted to work with combination/non-traditional women (women with a career and a family), many of the women he was talking with were traditional (homemakers & wives). Your successful approach and process differs depending on which of the five different types of affluent women you want to serve.

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Step #2- Conduct Research
This advisor determined, with help from me, that some combination/non-traditional women do not see themselves as “female investors” and often do not feel they have the qualifications to make investment decisions.

While the term “investor” has worked for many male clients, that doesn’t mean it will work with women.  In one study we conducted, the women who saw themselves as “female investors” related it in terms of real estate investing, not the stock market. Just as this advisor learned, it is critical that you speak the same language as your ideal prospect, make sure they understand what you mean and can also relate to you.

Step #3- Find Out Their Wants
An effective strategy to get women to provide insight through a survey or questionnaire is providing them an incentive for completing the survey.  First, find out what topics they want more information about.  Topics may include estate planning, the most common investing mistakes, safe traveling or budgeting made easy to name a few.  Once you find out the topics, take time to find out which format they prefer such as video, email, white paper, etc. This advisor had not taken the time to find out what these successful and busy combination/non-traditional women wanted; the result: most would not agree to participate in his research. Once he took the time to find out what they wanted and was able to provide it, he had a waiting list of women who agreed to complete the survey.


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Once you’ve found out what they want, take some time to identify topics that will attract more ideal clients. Examples may include: “The 10 Best Strategies to Save Taxes” or “What You Need to do to Avoid Investing Mistakes.”

Step #4- Shift Your Focus
This advisor was laser focused on his goals. While this is good, the key with the majority of females, as with all prospects and clients, is to focus on what they want vs. what we want. The majority of women are more interested in the “ROR” (Return on Relationship), than the “ROI” (Return on Investment). When we shift our focus & goals to their focus & goals, our business can’t help but explode, as it did for this advisor.

Step #5- Transition from a Chaser to an Attractor
This advisor has been a big producer with an intensive drive that has served him well with his bottom-line, aggressive, business-owner clients. He, like so many other male advisors, joke about “loving the hunt” in his quest to finding more clients. While the hunting or chasing model can work to find new clients, a better approach with women is the attractor model. The best way to attract female investors is to offer what they want and how they want it. Some of the best attractor strategies include relationship marketing, feeder workshops and warm introductions from referral partners.

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