Harness the Power of Storytelling

Stories can be powerful, even for business. Here are 5 tips for becoming a better storyteller. One that engages people, establishes trust, and closes the sale without selling.

1. Speak from the heart only – The best storytellers tell authentic stories that they are passionate about. Being able to speak both authentically and passionately can really draw people in, making them feel a connection to you. If you want to have your story fall flat – tell someone else’s story that isn’t authentic to you.

2. Shorter is most certainly better – Stories that are too long will lose because of short attention spans. If you can say something in 5 minutes that could be said in 1 minute – go with shorter. It is always better!

3. Practice – The first time you tell a story it may not go over like you hoped. The best way to avoid a flop is to practice before you tell the story. Even if you tell it to yourself in front of a mirror or video camera, it will certainly help for when you are live (with an engaged audience).

4. Create the scenario – Remember that when you tell a story, you’re creating an experience for your listeners. Bring your listeners into the story by setting the story up and making them feel like they can see it also.

5. Engage The Five Senses – For example, it’s easy to tell people that the temperature is very high outside. But if you want your listeners to really experience the heat, then describe it so that they can feel what it’s like through your words. If you engage the five senses in every story: taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell your story will come alive.

Your story is a far better way of connecting with someone, getting him or her to remember you, and making a lasting impact. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a memorable connection.

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One response on “Harness the Power of Storytelling

  1. Thad Bisselle

    I agree story telling brings people closer together. These tips help insure that is the case and helps the relationship, presentation.

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