Getting People to Remember You

When I started in business I thought (naively) that if I am good at what I do, word will get around. I have since realized that people don’t spend their time talking about things that are “good.” People don’t find a reason to talk about the things that are supposed to be there (i.e. good marketing, sound investments, good service, good food, etc.). It’s not exciting enough to work into a conversation.

So, what is exciting and memorable?

What people will remember and talk about are the unexpected things you have done or said that set you apart. And, it’s often the small things that grab the attention of others.

The things that I remember the most happen when something is left behind with me. It can be:

  • An insightful thought
  • The way another person has made me feel
  • A compelling story
  • Or even a tangible item

For instance, your clients may not talk about the details of the financial products you provide, but they will talk about the exceptional (or bad) service that you have delivered. If you give people just what they expect, they likely won’t mention it. And, if people aren’t mentioning it, maybe it isn’t as great as you think.

One financial advisor we have worked with gives his top clients a small, inexpensive gift that people definitely talk about. Before each top client meeting, the advisor searches and buys a book that he thinks would be particularly interesting to that individual client. He then uses wrapping paper to get the gift ready. He presents it as a special gift to show his appreciation as the meeting is coming to a conclusion and shares why he got that particular book for the client. His clients love the thought he puts into the book selection, and they do tell others about what he does. Ultimately this isn’t about the book, but the thought he puts into it that is memorable.

What are you leaving behind? Make sure you leave something behind that is worth remembering. That may be just what will get them to talk.

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