The Marketing Hat-Trick

In hockey, the hat-trick is when a single player scores three times in one game. It is celebrated by fans who throw their hats out onto the rink to say, “Job exceptionally well-done. Hats off!” What about in your business? What are the three things, that if done exceptionally, would constitute a result worth taking off and throwing a hat?

There are certain key numbers, that when measured regularly, will indicate if it is time to take a moment to step back and celebrate an extraordinary feat. Instead of looking at the numbers just once a year, we should be celebrating these wins throughout the year. It’s time to consider the Monthly Marketing Hat-Trick. Here are the three elements that it entails:

The Monthly Marketing Hat-Trick
1. Growing Your Exposure: Look at your website clicks, engagement, and activity on your calls to action. Consistent growth as shown by your website analytics, with a 5-20% increase in engagement each month over the previous month is truly exceptional.

2. Increasing Referrals: If the appointments you put on your calendar with new prospective clients that have been referred to you increases 20% over the previous month, it is truly exceptional.

3. Gaining a stream of new clients: The real capper to the hat-trick, however, is if both of the above increase AND you also see a 20% increase in new clients over the previous month. Exceptional! Hats off! A real marketing hat-trick!

Although one of these three elements in a given month will not immediately lead to the other, together they serve to power your marketing engine, producing a stream of successes. Exposure and engagement lead to converting more referrals. More referrals lead to more clients. And more clients lead to the ultimate goal as well as a source of new, positive referrals.

Find reasons to celebrate. Light the lamp!

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