The Reason You Must Engage in Self Promotion

Do you promote your business? Do you promote yourself? The problem in most service based businesses, and especially financial services, if you don’t share your story and why you are an excellent choice, no one will.

Even those who truly value your services and are incredibly appreciative of what you have done will not sing your praises in ways you likely deserve. In other words, for the most part, no one is out promoting you.

Good, modest businesspeople may feel that any promotion is shameless promotion.  However, shameless promotion is different from just plain telling the truth. If you are sharing your story, how you help people, who you work with, and the benefits of working with you – you are just telling the truth. And if you don’t tell people about what you bring to the table, the big loser is … them!

Prepare your story. Make sure your staff knows how to promote your firm. Start telling your story to more people than you are today. And, share your benefits with those who are already working with you so they know how to share you with others.

You need to engage in self promotion because if you don’t, no one will. It’s just good business!

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3 responses on “The Reason You Must Engage in Self Promotion

  1. Nelson Snellenberger


    Good information and I agree that clients have a hard time conveying our story and referring them to friends/associates and have the financial crisis in their memory and do not want to have the burden if things don’t workout.


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