Trouble Closing with Prospects? Here is The Solution

If your marketing isn’t working the way you want, it is likely not a lack of money or time that you have invested. The most important element in ALL business development efforts is actually your words.

If someone says your fees are too high, it is most likely your words (describing your value). If a seminar doesn’t work – it’s likely the words on the invitation or the words in your presentation. If your website isn’t converting visitors into appointments it is likely your words (not design).  If your emails do not get recipients to click and find out more, it is likely your words. If your prospect meetings don’t close someone, it is likely your words.

If your prospects aren’t paying attention, this is a sign that change needs to be made!

Do you know the best way, with the least cost, to upgrade your marketing and business development efforts?

Change the words you use. Verbally, on your website, at your events, in front of clients, with strategic alliances, and especially with prospects. And, extremely important today is having the words to verbalize your value, your fees, and why you!

We have proven that when you use better messaging for everything from your value/fee discussion, client appreciation invitations, scripts for asking for referrals, discussions with potential strategic alliances, and more – that it changes everything.

Your words are what will produce dramatic effects on your new marketing and new business development efforts.

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