What is ‘Snackable’ Content and Why Should You Create it?

According to Hubspot, ‘Snackable’ content is short, easily digestible content that is often visually engaging. 

The purpose of creating this short content is to offer immediate entertainment or insights, prompt others to share socially, attract new leads, and drive people to your website for longer-form content (like a blog) to consume on the same topic.

Four types of snackable content formats that can lead to meaningful outcomes are: 

  1. Quote Graphics
  2. Infographics
  3. Memes
  4. Gifs

These types of snackable, visually engaging content can be created using free design programs like www.Canva.com. Canva offers a large number of templates to create an assortment of snackable graphics.

For every blog you write, you may want to create a snackable graphic that will be visually appealing and drive people from social media back to your website. And, if it’s really good, your social media followers will share it with others. What a powerful and free way of getting the word out!

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