Be Surprising and Get More Referrals

Are you doing what you told your clients and prospective clients you would do? If you are, this may be the reason clients don’t refer you as much as they should. To put it simply, you’re not getting the referrals you deserve because you are doing exactly what you promised you would do. And although there is nothing wrong with that, it is not unique or exciting, and it may not cause people to talk about you or your company. Want to get more referrals? Having someone meet your expectations does not inspire conversation. Your clients will talk when there is something to say — something unexpected and surprising that stands out from the rest.

Doing exactly what you said you would do and nothing more makes you a good person and businessperson, it could even lead to long-lasting relationships with your existing clients. But if you want those clients to send new clients your way, you may still be missing out. To get your clients to share you with the world, you need to do or say something that gets them to say or think, WOW.

Here are some ideas that have produced referrals (without asking): Email them a personal video you just recorded; call and wish them a Happy Birthday; call periodically just to check in and provide a mid-review checkup; wrap up a small gift (box of chocolates or book) to give when they are in for a meeting, or invite them out for dinner with your family.

A fulfilled expectation does not cause raving fans. But give them more than they expected and you will get just what you deserve – clients who know you care and more referrals than you’ve ever had before.

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