Building Your Powerful Website: Tips 1-3

Is your website driving new business into your firm? The key with powerful websites isn’t so much what they look like, but what the visitors do when they come. Here are a few quick tips for fixing your website and driving more qualified prospects to you from your website.

Simplify Navigation: Focus on having simple navigation that will take people from your home page to exactly where you want them to go. Most visitors will go to 1.3 pages on a website (including your home page) with the 2nd most popular place being the About Us page (they really want to know who you are). What else do you want them to see? Make sure you make it clear and obvious with calls to action and to drive visitors to other compelling information inside your site. Don’t bury important pages in a dropdown that may never be seen.

Target Highest Common Denominator: Focus your messaging on the best, highest common denominator prospect, not everyone. Using this strategy will avoid targeting your messaging to everyone. No one wants to know you can work with everyone – they only want to know you can work with them. Who do you really want to attract?

Short, Concise Messaging: Reduce your website messaging so it is short, concise and directed to your target market. Assume that people don’t want to read. Substitute a lot of words with enticing headlines informing of the words below that you want them to read. If you have more than a couple paragraphs of verbiage on each page, it is probably too much (Bio’s excluded).

Quick fixes are the start to transforming your website. Watch your analytics WEEKLY so you can see what is and isn’t working. It will help you utilize your website as your most powerful marketing tool.

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