Building Your Powerful Website: Tips 4-6

If new business is not coming in as fast as you would like, consider making changes to your website (if you missed out on our website tips 1-3, check them out here). Nine out of ten people will check out your website before deciding whether to come in and see you. Here are three quick tips for fixing your website and driving more qualified prospects to you from your website.

Improve Your “About Us”: The biggest mistake made on many websites is not clearly explaining who you are, what you offer, and your differentiators. If this isn’t clear on your website, consider making some revisions. Answer three questions to develop your clear “About Us” paragraph:
– What do you do?
– Who do you work with?
– What is interesting about what your firm does?

Improve Your Bios: Your bio should provide the inspiration they need to hire you and your team. To improve your bio, grab people with your powerful “Why.” Why are you in this business? Why do you do what you do? And don’t forget to finish your bio with something personal. People can connect with and will remember your interests outside of the office – certainly more than a laundry list of all the services you provide.

Authentic Pictures: Use pictures of actual people that work in your office. Marketing Experiments performed a test comparing the use of stock photography verses real imagery on a website and each of their effects on lead generation. What they found was that photos of real people out-performed the stock photos by 95%. Why? Because stock images tend to be irrelevant. Resist the temptation to use photos of fake smiling business people!

Quick fixes begin to help your website become more enticing to your prospect visitors. Don’t forget to watch your analytics WEEKLY so you can see what is and isn’t working. It will help you utilize your website as your most powerful marketing tool.

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