Capturing Your Real Voice When You Write

Perfect grammar is mandatory in English class, but what about in business? Is perfectly written text more or less compelling than words written as if you were speaking? Do you find yourself stuck at your keyboard waiting for just the right words to come to you? There’s an easier way!

Now, I’m not talking about butchering the English language, but verbally we can be far more compelling than in writing. As an example, hearing a person’s passion may be more convincing than reading about their passion. So, what if we wrote more like we speak, and were not as concerned with perfection?

Why do we speak differently than we write?
Writing is a more formal expression of words. We have the time and opportunity to get it just right. However, the way we write is often why we can’t take a beautifully written value proposition and try to state it verbally to someone. It sounds stilted and scripted.

If you try to write a bit more like you speak, it is possible to convey your powerful voice, personality and tone. In fact, recording verbally what you would like to write, having it transcribed (this is incredibly inexpensive today) and then doing some slight editing, may be the easiest way to get out your real voice. Are you ready to give it a try?

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