The Monday Morning Huddle

Did you know that in the NFL, the huddle that used to be the fixture of football is being used less and less? The game is moving so fast that no-huddle offense is becoming more of the norm.

In order to stay a step ahead of the defense, teams choose to move right into beginning the play. Yes, the players still communicate on the field, but it is through hand signals and code words. Is your business operating outside of the huddle? Does it operate solely through email and on-the-fly conversations?

Without the traditional huddle, it is possible that a sense of understanding between team members could be lost. Think about meetings in your business. Are you spending more or less time communicating the game plan to your team? Most people would like less meetings. Your teammates may know exactly what to do, however, without regular check ins, it is possible that individuals could be operating less efficiently or may have lost sight of the big picture.

Some of the highest performing teams I work with have “stand up” team meetings every morning. They are standing up so that everyone knows this is going to be a quick and productive meeting with the purpose to get on the same page, appropriately distribute tasks, ask for help as needed, and update everyone on business development progress.

You may not need a meeting everyday, but a Monday Morning Huddle may be the most effective type of gathering for your team. While we are all trying to keep up with the fast pace of the workplace, sometimes a brief pause to huddle can make all the difference with team effectiveness and focus. How can your business find ways to get everyone working better together?

For some interesting history on the NFL huddle click here.


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