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Emilia DiMenco: Certifying Women-Owned Businesses and Dramatically Accelerating Growth

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How can you fast track your career and perceived as a valuable asset in your organization?

Let Emilia Dimenco answer those questions for you.

As the President and CEO of Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), Emilia talks about the various support they offer to several types of businesses.

Having a successful 30-year career in the financial services, Emilia shares her experience in investment banking and the value of sponsorship in accelerating her career – from being an intern into becoming a leader in various financial organizations.

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Nancy Wright: Not Your Grandma’s Girl Scouts

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In this episode, Nancy Wright, CEO for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, invites us to remember and re-learn the real-world skills that the Girl Scouts offer. Things like leadership, confidence and love for the community. Plus, she’ll discuss different programs available for Girl Scouts –from STEM to business communication.

She’ll also share a story about her father, and how their conversation inspired Nancy to find a way to serve the community.

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Kate Bensen: Connecting Top Female Executives and Making Meaningful Change

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In this episode, President and CEO of the Chicago Network, Kate Bensen talks about the 4 main purposes of her organization and what needs to be done to increase diversity amongst corporate organizations.

Then, she gives her views on the flexibility issues associated with being a female executive. How does a woman leader handle this challenge and what needs to be done to fulfill the balance between work and life?

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Annette Bau: Discover Your Worth Barometer

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As the creator of and, Annette shares the ideas behind her programs. Along the way, she realized that everything has a set of formula – getting rich, becoming healthier or getting successful. And in this episode, she’ll talk about the 3 components which make up the success formula.

She then talks about the belief system and the inner game that’s happening in all of us. Then, she explains the importance of reaching the Alpha stage – a certain mental level high-performers can easily tap into.

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Kathleen Caldwell: “I Got This” – From #1 Salesperson to Blackhawks and More

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“I got this.”

When was the last time you’ve said those words?

And if things aren’t working out so well, our special guest, Kathleen Caldwell will walk you through the steps to get you on track.

As a keynote speaker, business strategist and hypnotherapist, Kathleen knows a thing or two about high performers. She gives us practical lessons on how to overcome failures – the same strategies professional athletes are doing to bring back their A-game.

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