Create an Elevator Statement That Works with This Powerful Formula

Describe your value. It should be something that you can do anytime. It should be direct, simple, and understandable to grab the attention of your prospects. However, the key to say something compelling is to avoid blanket statements and generalizations about what you do.  When you describe your value, it should be interesting to the person you’re speaking with.

Here is a simple (yet powerful) formula for creating an interesting elevator statement that works:

  1. Focus your message on a target. Focusing on everyone with more than $1 million to invest is not a target. Be specific.
  2. Describe what they want that you offer. What does your target market truly desire?
  3. Share how you are different than most. You don’t have to be uniquely different from everyone, just offer a key differentiation.
  4. Have a story that proves it! Give an example of what you do.

Below is a statement from a financial advisor. He works with many different types of target markets and people. However, when he is talking with a business owner, this is what he shares:

“We are a financial advisory firm that specializes in working with business owners. In fact, to date, we have helped more than 60 business owners successfully sell their business and move on to the next phase of their lives.”

Here is the breakdown of the differentiating message:

  1. Focus your message on a target: Business Owners
  2. Describe what they want that you offer: Guidance in selling a business
  3. Share how you are different than most: Understanding of business owners really want (hint: they don’t “want” a 401k)
  4. Have a story that proves it! More than 60 business owners…

The key is to describe your value clearly as it may be interesting to the OTHER person. Marketing to the masses is fine for some, but ineffective for most. Focus on grabbing the attention of the person right in front of you.

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