Your Fans Tell Your Story, But What Are They Saying?

By Maribeth Kuzmeski

If someone asks me why I am a Green Bay Packers fan, I have a story about watching football with my Grandma and what spending time with her meant to me. With a true fan, there is often an unbreakable bond between generations connecting back to the past and igniting hope for the future.

Green Bay Packers Fans cheering and sharing in the story of their team

All fans have a story. Ask anyone why they are a Mets fan, a Timberwolves fan, or a Buffalo Bills fan. It is not, “oh, just because.” There is always a story. All true fans, who are along for the ride through thick and thin, have their story of why and how this came to be.

Similar to sports fans are the fans of your business. What about your fans? What stories are they telling others about you and their experiences? What is memorable? Are you providing them with a unique experience? Something personal? People will remember and talk about the unexpected things you have done or said that set you apart. And, it is often the small things that grab the attention of others. Think about the details. You want your fans to have a story to share with others when working with you. Keep in mind that the story people will tell almost always relates to the meaning it had for them.

Don’t be afraid to remind clients what you do for them, and what you do for others. As you build your relationship with them, try to continue to find ways to transform them from a client to a true fan of your business.

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