It’s not about the work – it’s about the outcome!

When people share that they need more marketing, early on in my career I understood that this is not what anyone really wants. No one wants more social media posts, advertising, direct mail, seminars to run, videos created… or more work to do. No, they just want more interested people to talk with about their services.

Marketing is not about doing more activity, it’s about increasing the number of people you can impact. In financial services, advisors have the potential to change the lives of those they work with, but without interested people, who is really at the biggest detriment – the advisor or the clients?  

What is your marketing plan for increasing the probability of getting more interested people to talk with you about your services? It could just be the quality of your message to create interested people. What do your prospects want – a financial plan, or the outcomes it produces? It’s all in how you position it. Look at your website and other materials – do you talk about the outcomes people want, or what services you provide?

PS. I don’t actually want to consume sweet food, I just want to taste the chocolate. It is all about the outcome.

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