Five Ways to PROVE Your Value

By Maribeth Kuzmeski

When a business states that they “provide exemplary service” do you think people actually believe this? It is like saying, “trust me” or “the check is in the mail.” Empty statements void of facts are a waste of words today.

We have to do better than this. Today it is harder than ever to get a prospect to pay attention, much less believe that your value may be worth it.

Prove your value

Here are a few tips for proving your value:

  1. Be specific. “We don’t simply believe we offer a high level of service. We survey our clients each year and consistently have a 95% approval rating.”
  • Quantify it. “We have helped over 60 business owners successfully sell their businesses and move on to the next stage of their lives.”
  • Let your accolades speak for you. “Nationally recognized by Barron’s as a Top Institutional Consultant for the past six years and as an industry leader with over $5 Billion in Assets Under Advisement.”
  • Your referrals tell the story: “Most of our new client relationships come from introductions from our current satisfied clients or from other professionals. We believe that this says a lot about the work we do.”
  • Share actual situations: “We recently started working with a woman that unexpectedly lost her husband. The death of her spouse brought tremendous upheaval for her, especially with regard to finances. We have been by her side assisting her with the myriad of financial decisions required in planning for her future…”

The specific facts will tell your story in a believable way. Use them!

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