Referral Myth #4: Referral Acquisition is Not a Real Marketing Strategy

By Maribeth Kuzmeski

Many of your best clients found their way to your firm through referrals. But do you have a system or process for generating the best new clients into your firm? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Having a plan brings focus to obtaining the best leads.

Set a goal for how many referrals you’d like to receive this year. Determine what you will do each week to accomplish that goal. Creating a concrete plan with solid tactics will keep you accountable and focused on referral acquisition. Write it down and share it with your staff!

Breaking the referral myths may change your referral fortunes dramatically. And, the best news is that you can do it without making huge expenditures on traditional marketing. There’s nothing mythical about that!

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2 responses on “Referral Myth #4: Referral Acquisition is Not a Real Marketing Strategy

  1. Romeo Raabe

    I work to get referrals from financial planners to do LTC planning for their clients. By teaching CE classes they must take, I get to promote myself as the expert and detail problems that may stump them but not me. Then I make regular email contact with new ways to help them in this area.

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