In Times of Volatility: Ways to Reinforce Your Value to Clients

It’s time to reinforce your value to your clients. During volatile times (like this week) clients can become nervous. And when clients become nervous, they may start to question whether or not you are truly taking care of them. They may not understand the full scope of everything that you do for them on a regular basis. So now is a great opportunity to remind and reassure those clients.

One of the best strategies when the market gets unusually crazy is to pick up the phone and call your top clients to ease their fears and give your perspective on the situation. The key is that you show them that you understand they may be worried and that you care. Taking the time to listen to their concerns while also providing them with the confidence of knowing that you and your team are looking out for them can go a long way.

Another strategy to try is write a meaningful assessment of the situation. Here is what to include in your assessment:

  • Address how they may be feeling
  • What they should do or not do, and why
  • Reinforce what they are paying you for because you are helping them do the right thing at the right time

It is in the difficult times that you really earn your fees. 

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