Does Your New Client Onboarding Produce Referrals?

When a prospect transitions into a client they may experience your firm as a very in-touch, responsive firm that is always communicating. But after the accounts are opened and the prospect officially becomes a client, the communication can fall off. Your new client may feel like you just wanted to land them as a client.

So, a process of regular, new client communications was developed to not only stay in touch during this sometimes-quiet period, but to strengthen the relationship. And it has been proven to result in a higher percentage of referrals from these new clients.

1. Team Introduction Letter: Send a letter that introduces (and in many cases re-introduces) members of the team with their pictures. Clients often save this letter so they can remind them of who everyone is in the office.

2. Individual Client Orientation: Send an email inviting the client to a one-on-one Client Orientation call or meeting with a staff person to go over online access, how to read their statements, review of expectations, discuss future meetings, etc.

3. Gift: Send a letter and a small gift – typically a book – thanking them for being a client and give a quick summary of the book.

4. Client Survey: Send an email asking them for feedback on how you are doing so far. It can be something simple like a online survey that includes 10 questions asking your new client to grade you on a scale of A-F.  The final question is “Would you be willing to refer us to others?”

The period of time in the business relationship when you should receive the most referrals is the first 6 months. It is the time that there is something new to talk about, something exciting, and you are more top of mind. Enhance this period of referral propensity by implementing a system of meaningful communications.

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