Fitting In Is A Terrible Way To Market: But What’s The Alternative?

I am not sure why some businesses and individuals think that fitting in is a good marketing strategy. It is safe sounding like everyone else. And frankly, being conservative in your financial strategy is completely different than taking on a safe marketing strategy. They are not the same.

When someone plays it safe in marketing they become a gray suit on a gray wall. No one can see you or much less remember you when they really need you. But what’s the alternative?

Stand out in your marketingIf you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, serve more people who NEED what you do, then the solution is to find a way to step out and stand out. I think the mantra you should embrace is that you are NOT average. You don’t say things that everyone else says.

Eighty percent of the reason someone decides to do business with you, is you. Share who you are, why you do what you do, and who you can truly serve. If you want to truly make a difference in the lives of others, you have to put yourself in the position to be heard. So say something compelling to the other person – something that you truly believe – something that they WANT that you can help them with. What is your investment strategy? Why are you good at serving people with certain issues? Answer the question, Why You?

If you decide to just have average marketing messages, people will assume you are just average. Choose the alternative instead.

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2 responses on “Fitting In Is A Terrible Way To Market: But What’s The Alternative?

  1. Elizabeth Brickman

    Maribeth, even though I am no longer in business, I love business — and I love the good work you do! You helped my business grow so I was able to sell it when ready. SO IMPORTANT! Thank you!

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